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Why a Scottie?

scottA few months ago we welcomed a new Scottish Terrier puppy into the Greene clan, his name is Watson. He is kin to our first Scott, Mac, and to our two Scotties, Scamp and Mitty, who we lost in a spell of one year. My daughter also shares a home with a Scottie named Boomer.

So the question.. why a Scottie? I cannot speak for my wife Tammy (who loves them, too) or my daughter, I can only tell you why from my GREENE point of view.

Note: I grew up with a Scottie. The original Mitty was gregarious, loyal, feisty, and lots of fun. We had many dogs but Mitty has always been my favorite, I guess because we had her when I was in grade school (geezer alarm) and those years are when your collective memory really begins to congeal.

1. They have beards. All Greene men have beards or should have beards. Greene gals want men who have beards or they should.

2. Scotties, they like to eat. Greenes, ditto.

3. They like to stick to their own closed groups;  family and close friends. They only tolerate others because they were told to at an early age. Again, ditto.

4. They don’t bark much but when they do, they mean business. Greenes have a card that says that.

5. They much rather be home on the couch listening to music, reading a book or watching TV than out at a party or a bar. Greenes, ditto, though I added the music, book and TV thing, Scotties can do fine with home and couch, oh and food, I can’t forget food.

6. When a Scottie befriends you, they are friends forever. I hope that is true for us, too.

7. Sometimes they prefer to be alone and under a chair. Half of that is true for a Greene.

8. They do not suffer fools gladly. I got nothin’.

9. They have long and sturdy memories. Greenes remember every laugh and tear.

10. They do not go gently into that good night, but they go with dignity. So far, so good.


I’m just wondering…

3262784_150568_42226e75eb_lWe spend millions on economic development yet dismantle and cut our best economic development tool: our public school system. Believe me, not one prospective new business employer thinking about coming to Loudoun will ask: Hey, how was that big food festival or what kind of season are the Hounds having?  They are going to ask: How are the schools?

Nationally we spend trillions on war and aid to foreign countries (most of which despise our way of life), yet begrudge our fellow Americans insurance coverage for themselves and their family?

I believe in the right to bear arms, but anyone who cannot wait a few days to get their hands on an AK-47, well they aint squirrel hunting? What reason can there be to have an assault rifle before lunch? A few days for a cursory background check is reasonable, prudent even.

Why is there even a discussion about equal marriage or gay rights? Who we love is who we love. Imagine the government telling you that you cannot marry the person you love the most in the world; that that union is unrecognized. People, even Wal-Mart recognizes that love and provides spousal and partner benefits. Yea fucking Wal-Mart, ’bout time. The sad thing there is that they still call it partner. Dan is my business partner, Tammy is my wife.

And lastly, how come you only see one shoe on the side of the road? Do people ever lose both? Do they only lose them one at a time? Is there a twilight zone for “the other shoe”?

I’m just wondering……

The Beatles, hey I can take criticism and dislike but dismissal…nope.


Here is a link to an opinion found in The Washington Post outlook section on Sunday, June 21, 2013, written by Justin Moyer.


Here is my reply:

Dear Editor,

As a subscriber for over 40 years of the Post I’ve read many asinine opinions, but not many as asinine as Mr. Moyer’s The Beatles:Let Them Be.

Mr. Moyer must be too young to remember the great music critic Lester Bangs or has never read any of Greil Marcus’ work to have the connection as popular music as art. Mr. Moyer seems to be caught in the celebrity aspect of music or the next thing, nothing wrong with that, nothing unless you dismiss the past. Imagine an art critic dismissing Leonardo or Raphael as old hat and unworthy of attention or a film critic writing about Citizen Kane as unworthy and not worth a view, not with Iron Man 3 in the theatre.

The Beatles are as important to popular music as Beethoven is to classical, imagine the guffaws a critic would bear if they dismissed that master’s work. If we prattle on about dismissing the great works of the past, the seminal pieces that the foundation of that art is built upon, we lose the context of what art is and become purveyors of marketing. By dismissing the past Mr. Moyer makes the future inconsequential.

That or he believes pop music and rock and roll are not art forms but merely commodities, if that is the case, he should start working AR for a record label.

The Beatles are as relevant today as they ever have been, that is if you consider music art and the makers of it artists. Forty five years from now The Fab Four will still be treasured and honored and their art only enriched by new ears, groups such as fun. and The Lumineers will be but trivia answers.

Stilson Greene

The King Street I knew soon to be gone.

Historic_Leesburg,_VA copyThe Town Council of Leesburg, Virginia recently voted to remove the parking spaces on King Street in the Historic Downtown District. It’s a vote I have a hard time coming to grips with. They say that widening the sidewalks on the West side will make it it more pedestrian friendly and safer. Well, when I walk downtown having a parking space or a parked car between me and several multi-ton vehicles moving at 15 – 30 miles an hour makes me feel safer. They say that the 4 restaurants on the West side of the street can now use the sidewalks as an outdoor cafe. Well, what about the 3 restaurants on the East side? Shouldn’t they get some taxpayer money thrown at them to increase their earning capacity? After all they pay the same town taxes and meal taxes as their neighbors just steps across the street. Personally I can’t see having a nice meal while traffic moves around you and you inhale sweet exhaust fumes, I do get that the restaurants affected now have new smoking areas for their customers though.

Granted, I grew up in Leesburg, my family has been here since 1791. I have owned a successful business in Downtown Leesburg for the past 33 years and I do a myriad of community and charity work for my town and its citizens. I was recently told that all that doesn’t matter, that my opinion was bias due to my clinging on to memories and ghosts of the past. I was furious when I was told that, but have relented to feel that they were right, and I am richer for it and they are poorer for it.

That said, I still say taking parking spaces away is a mistake, every survey I’ve ever read concludes that more parking is needed in Downtown. So I asked a friend of mine who has been a champion retailer in Downtown on King Street for the past 25 years. A retailer who has been named Business of The Year numerous times and has won awards for best store of its kind in the Commonwealth. He also has opened a new business in Downtown that looks to be another successful venture. He is adamantly opposed to the removal of parking spaces and believes it will drastically hurt his business and others. Fairly, many business owners spoke in favor of the plan, (one being a restaurant owner and he’d be crazy not to, new free seating and all) but my friend’s success, business acuity and investment weighed heavier on my decision.

So now when I walk up my beloved King Street, I savor in the visual of customers and cars on the streets. I love the kinetic energy that the vehicles give off even while stationary and I think it’s sad to lose it.

Many people much smarter than me think that it’s the future of Leesburg and maybe they are right. I hope so. I hope that it works out, if it does I will revel in its success and be happy to be proved wrong.

As far as me being a biased sentimental dinosaur, well I revel in that, too.

At my age… that’s not a good idea.


When you reach a certain age, say 55, there are some things that you just shouldn’t do. I am that age and over, so I know of what I speak.

Here’s the list of “don’t do’s” over 55.

1. Karaoke – trust me

2. Tequila shots

3. Tequila shots AND karaoke together.

4. Twister

5. White Belt  Personal aside, my wife  knows that if we are ever walking through a department store and I stop to admire white belts in the Men’s section, she has permission to kick me in the shin just as hard as she can.

6. Play air guitar in public   You just don’t.

7. Knee high socks with shorts

8. Plaid

9. Buy a bright yellow car

10. Send Christmas cards out in October, just to be sure they arrive on time

11. Neck tattoo

12. Collect garden gnomes and stone frogs    One each is enough

13. Eat gummy worms alone in public

14. Fall asleep on a public bench

15. Planking

So, there’s some of mine. There are some others, like never give up and never forget.

Your Life’s Playlist, So Far.


Imagine you have to choose twenty songs that represent who you are, not just your favorite songs but songs that are you. Twenty songs that make up your life’s playlist as you stand right now. Twenty songs that friends would reflect upon you, but more importantly, twenty songs that a stranger would hear and form a glimpse of the person you are. Well, here’s mine.

1. When You Wish Upon A Star – Jiminy Cricket

2. Jailhouse Rock – Elvis

3. Old Wooden Cross – Johnny Cash

4. I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

5. A Change Is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke

6. Country Comfort – Elton John

7. Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart

8. Willie The Wandering Gypsy and Me – Waylon Jennings

9. Kentucky Avenue  – Tom Waits

10. Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones

11. Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight – Bob Dylan

12. Daniel And The Sacred Harp- The Band

13. Real Love – John Lennon

14. Wonderful Remark – Van Morrison

15. When Johnny Strikes Up The Band – Warren Zevon

16. Buffalo River Home – John Hiatt

17. Alien Love Song – Todd Wright

18. Here (A Song For Tammy) – Stilson Greene

19. The Weight – The Band

20. In My Life – The Beatles

So as of today, there’s mine, it could change tomorrow. I’d love to hear yours, so post on……